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UCc Article 1 Jurisdiction-International Commercial Law see Universal U.N. 1930 Geneva Stateless Treaty! Effective since 1930

All Foreign Colonial Statutory Legislatures you are operating illegally under color of law color of Authority, color of office, on the Aboriginal Title, Copper Tone, 1st Nations, Americans land ARE NULL AND VOID SUSPENDED via Bankruptcy, and have NO AUTHORITY TO CHARGE Aboriginal People, the de jure American Land Lords, with Crimen falsi Debtor Only for Civilians, Employee(s), Civil Process, same as Criminal Process. Civilian State neither Federal Procedures, Proceedings accusations, citation, tickets, et alli any Notices of Interest issued via Police or via Municipalities are NULL AND VOID!

This is a current data base of UCc legal representatives. Picture Identifications of all Active Aboriginal Martial Law Elders and Trainees of and for Aboriginal Martial Law Global Federation enrolled "at listed ", bonded and fully assured. PRIVATE! all liberties reserved! YOU OBLIGOR(s), ARE MANDAMUS WRIT ORDERED IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVELY NOW via this International Commercial Law UCc1- UNIVERSAL SUPREMA Jurisdiction(s), NOTICED POSTED BY OBLIGEE I Grantor Insular Consul Belton Lamont D Sui Generis Sui Juris khAat LAw, Res Judicta, of Natural law Normal law, the Aboriginal de jure Secured Party Creditor, and Supreme Authority as Admiralitis, Aboriginal Martial Law Chief General Commander, to All COLONIAL TRESPASSERS named as the Several States, all Civilian Colonial CORPORATE Fraternal Orders of the foreign corporation UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY INC LLC (DEBTORS) 501 C 3 NON PROFIT for PROFIT Police, Sheriffs United States Marshal Services CIA, FBI, HOME LAND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, Department of Justice, Office Of Director Of National Intelligence Er Alli, you are bound under compliance via Aboriginal Title, Aboriginal Martial Law UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS AND TRIBAL PEOPLES United Nations General Assembly 2006, Permanent Forum On Aboriginal indigenous Issues the Highest Office, again Uniform Commercial code Article 1. Jurisdiction- Ancient Aboriginal American Military Justice Jurisdiction(s)! YOU ARE NOT TO ATTEMPT TO HARM NOT TO ARREST IT WILL BE CRIMEN FALSIE AUTOMATIC TORT, NOTORIOUS ACT, MALFEASANCE! Your assets are liened levied will be seized via your FOREIGN CIVILIAN STATUTORY OBLIGOR EMPLOYEE DEBTOR BANKRUPT AND TRESPASSER GUILTY FUGITIVE STATUS! see Pontiff Pope Francis of Vatican State, 2017 Revocation 1450s Romanis Pontifex! The Illegal Conquistadors Did not Obtain from Aboriginal Americans our PRIOR AND INFORM CONSENT TO ENTER OUR AMERICAN CONTINENT LANDS TO DATE! Pope Francis Revocation Romanis Pontifex Defines ALL COLONIAL IMMIGRANTS, as TRESPASSERS! So if you desire to not be deported please respect Aboriginals, again I Mandamus COMMAND ALL STATUTORY, FEDERAL, Et Alli style and or Acting POLICE TO COMPLIANCE! ALL STATUTORY LEGISLATURES ARE NULL AND VOID! see WORLD COURTLAW FORUMS of ICJ/ICC UNDER JURISDICTIONS, and (SPECIAL FORCES).

If any non permitted entity has any inquiries regarding any UCc-1 legal representative, please contact us via link at the bottom of this page.






UCc article 1 Private International Commercial Law Jurisdiction(s)

Location: north American continent, lay between latitude 48.1667degree N and      longitude 100.1667 degrees W.

Seminole Pacta Sunt Servanda En Lex Jurisprudence Dejure Priesthood- American Republic Uniform Bonding Code is Mandamus Commanding color of authority ,and employees 2713 East Broad Street Richmond Virginia 23223-9998 USA


This page is to verify all Legal Representatives Bonded under oath; under General Grantor Lamont D Belton bond number 19073, this Division is copper toned and internationally protected with Global immunity . UCc-1 International Private and commercial Law enforcement with invoked Global immunity and registered Sovereign IGO to the United nations .





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