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We are in the start up process of building this site, we will be updating it on a daily basis, there is so much information to get out. So keep checking out what´s new on here.

We look forward to working for you. 

A little information to get you started

Our View. . .  
Freedom for all is only one website of many that we are creating, find these on the contact page. To have more of an idea of who we are please view our other websites, ultimately though all we strive for is freedom and knowledge for all. 

We have attached a document below. This is actually the document that was sent to world leaders. As I said, full transparency with us. 

The Sheriff

Another fantastic read is the Sheriff´s handbook, find attached below. 

It gives a basic overview of the laws, explanations of and the true power and expectation of the Sheriff. The Sheriff of course is the protector of their people, they are Common Law. This does not just apply to American Republica, it is Global, all constitutions are based on Common Law and Land Law, all governments have actually sworn an oath to them.

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