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Ucc 1
While we are collating our information and building the site we will be posting short bits of information, providing links and videos. See here . . 
These are a few things to expect from this website over the coming months.


Library of Laws


There will be a full library of the original laws for all continents on Earth. These will be explained in the most simple terms so that all understand. This is essential. The common law is for the common man and a law is not a law unless all can understand fully.




Online courses will be available. One off Seminars with our Judges, Global Commanders and Leading Martials. 

We only speak truth and we believe you only deserve to be taught this. 


True History of Laws 


Many things over the years have been adapted/altered or hidden for certain agendas, usually control of the people. We will correct this and give you the truth. 


Symbols and their True Meaning


Meanings of symbols have become so convoluted that people in recent years are turning against some of the most powerful. Ie the Pyramid, its of the Khalid and Ramesses constitution, inscribed in silver.


Judging Process


We will be introducing you to all our Judges and Chief Judge Grantor Lamont-Durrel Belton sui juris ¨AT LAW¨ will be will be explaining in full the Judging and Sentencing process. You will learn about the court and how everything works, also the truths and untruths of law, court, legal representatives, You will know how it is all Null and Void!


Meet the Judges


You will get a very personal introduction to all the Judges, why they do what they do, their belief and their hopes for the future. The holder of the Great seal Perseverando and one of the founders of the World Martial Authority, Chief Judge Grantor Lamond-Durrell Belton  will be making videos explaining all this, his history, how he has done what he has and more and why the WMA came about.




In short, you will, from this site receive full support and knowledge on how to protect yourselves and your family legally, with UCc-1, Natural Law, Common Law, God´s Law.  This should be taught to every Man, Woman and Child and we want to do that.


Join in


This will be an interactive site, where you can ask questions, like, follow, share. It will be a community. We want your interaction, we are after all doing this for you.

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